Calgary Plumbing Tips: How to Prevent Sewage Backups from Happening

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To say that sewage backups are no fun is a massive understatement. Backups pump a large amount of raw sewage into your home, causing thousands of dollars in water damage repairs. To make matters worse, the presence of bacteria and rotting waste in raw sewage poses a significant health risk to everyone in your home.

Fortunately, avoiding sewage backups is relatively easy. Sewage backups occur due to clogs preventing sewage from passing through your drains and sewer line, so the solution to the problem is simple. If you can prevent clogs from happening in your home, you also prevent sewage backups from wreaking havoc. Keep your home and family safe by following these tips from trusted Calgary plumbing companies like Son-Rise Plumbing:

Keep the Kitchen Sink Clean

The kitchen sink is no place to dump cooking oil or grease. Although they may enter as a liquid, oil and grease will cool down and coagulate in the pipes due to the cooler temperatures in your kitchen drain. Given enough time, this can lead to clogged kitchen drains. Oil and grease should be stored in a disposable container and then thrown in the bin.

Flushable Wipes Go in the Bin

Flushable wipes should also be tossed in the bin along with cooking oil and grease. According to a CBC News interview with sewage experts, flushable wipes do not break down when they are flushed, despite what manufacturers claim. These wipes can easily clump together and trap other debris to cause a massive clog. This extends to more than just your home’s sewer line. Flushable wipes cause millions of dollars of damage to city sewer systems every year.

Snake Your Drains

Snaking involves the use of a high-pressure hose to wash and push out any debris caught in the inner walls of your drains and sewer line. Doing this regularly is a good idea if you live in an older home and/or there are many people living with you. Have a Calgary plumbing expert snake your drains the moment you see any signs of a developing clog (gurgling sounds, slow draining sinks, etc.).

Of course, you can only do so much to prevent clogs and sewer backups from occurring on your own. Be sure to share these tips with everyone living in your home to ensure your entire plumbing system runs smoothly every day.


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