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Cheap is expensive

Post Date: June 27, 2017    Written by: sonrise

Have you ever been presented with an opportunity that just seems too good to be true?We recently had a client, a single mom, Jane, having toilet trouble. Jane thought she would try and save a few dollars. She went to one of the big box stores to purchase a toilet, while there she was offered an installation package. Here is where Jane’s troubles began; the big box stores use a third party contracting company to do installations. Doesn’t seem like a big deal; but once the third party company is contacted they then hire installers. These installers are people who are contracted to the third party company. Seem complicated? That is because it is.

What brought Jane and her problem to our attention? Once the toilet was installed a leak was discovered. Jane tried to get the installers or installation company to come out under warranty and was not able to. Thankfully we were able to help Jane and fix her problem, which turned out to be a broken toilet flange. A toilet flange is a plumbing fitting that mounts the toilet to the floor and connects the toilet drain to the drain pipe. We are not blaming the installers for breaking the flange, we are just saying a fully trained plumber would notice this and fix it before installing a new toilet. So to recap to date Jane has; bought a toilet, paid for installation, paid for Son-Rise to come out remove the toilet, identify the cause of the leak, repair the toilet flange, reinstall the toilet and cover the expense for any damage caused by the water leak.

When you book your plumbing service calls with Son-Rise we are a one-stop shop for all your installation, repairs and warranty. Son-Rise stands behind its work, should something go wrong,we will come out to Redo the Work for Free!When thinking about your plumbing, remember Jane, the cheapest way isn’t always the least expensive.

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